Posted by: goingfaraway | January 28, 2010

Alive and well!

Sorry that it has taken us ten years to let you know we are safe and somewhat sound. Things are a bit crazy and internet is not as widely available as we assumed it would be.

So far the trip is going well. Our time in England and Ireland was wonderful. We spent our first night in London with a christian lady from Kenya. Her dream is to start a bakery business to provide honest jobs for single moms and give them skills to run their own bakery.  It was so cool to spend time hanging out with a perfect stranger who became our friend by the end of the evening.

We spent the night with a very very very distant cousin of ours who attends university in Nottingham, as in Robin Hood, tights, Little John, etc. The place really does exist. Then we went to her parents, Berni and Graham, for a night in Wellingborough, and had a wonderful visit with them. We enjoyed going to mass with Berni, playing games with the family, and getting a tour of the surrounding countryside, which is deliciously green, even in the winter. Berni took us to meet our closer relative, Eric, but we honestly could not figure out how we were related to him.

We volunteered on a farm in Ireland for one week with a family of 5, the Wheelers. Through our conversation we discovered early on that they have totally rejected the church and christianity and are following a more new age type religion, if any at all. They knew we were believers, so our hope is the light of Christ was apparent in us as we worked with a joyful attitude.

Differences aside, we LOOOOOOVED staying with the Wheelers and playing with their 3 kids! We worked 5 hours each day, and took lots of breaks for tea. Katie learned how to bake real Irish brown bread, and we even ate blood pudding, which was not gross until we read the recipe, which is basically a lot of blood and some other random ingredients. We spent one evening hanging out in a pub, but we were very good, honest we were! And on our free day we hiked at Glendalough, which has beautiful ruins from a monastery and wonderful views of Co. Wicklow. We would have been happy to stay on the farm for the rest of our trip!

We now find ourselves in Paris. In the past few days we have become painfully aware of our inability to speak French, and the absence of the church and the Christian morality that is still a part of our culture in the US. It is difficult if almost impossible to have meaningful interactions with people when we can hardly ask where the bathroom is! We have enjoyed baguettes, lots of baguettes, since they are the most inexpensive food we can get around here.

The next stop on our journey should be Barcelona, then we will poke around in Italy for a while, and we will end our trip with the Schusters in Ireland from 26 Feb (ish) to 4 March. A very loose intinerary, but we are hoping that good will come of our flexibility 🙂

We would appreciate prayers for conversations that go to deeper heart levels, and that we will be careful to take time daily to seek the Lord, which has been somewhat of a challenge recently.

p.s. please excuse any strange spellings. I am typing this on a French keyboard 🙂



  1. Hi Kara and Katie!!!
    I hope you are guys are doing well and am so excited to read your update! I cant wait to see pictures and hear all your stories! Know that I am praying for you girls!! I hope you guys have an awesome day and be safe!! See you in a month Kara!! 🙂

  2. Did you buy Robin Hood’s tights? I heard they are still VERY popular.

  3. LOVED reading about your adventuring. Thanks for blogging…hope you can find another internetcafe somewhere, but in the meantime, I’ll pray about those conversations. Have a BLAST. Meg

  4. I’m jealous, Kara! It was great to read about your travels so far. Breathe it all in. Don’t hesitate to enjoy every good thing that comes to mind. Yours is a rare opportunity. Especially so since it’s with a sibling. Brings a smile to my face.

  5. Ha-Ha You sound like Julia Child !
    Yea I think Mona is a little over rated too, but wouldn’t mind finding out for myself.
    Starving for more juicy details (not about food),which I know are there between your witty lines! I hope you are keeping a journal to share with us when you get home. I’ll be patient. Hey! maybe it could become a book and then a Movie. Let’s think… what would the title be? “Ramblin’ Sisters”? Na, How about “Flying by the Seat of Our Pants in Europe”?

    • Ha, well since “pants” in Ireland and Great Britain refers to underwear, we would have to call it “flying by the seat of our trousers” in order to be more modest!

  6. I read in the Ireland Coffee Table Book about County Wicklow. Did you get to the beach? Oh, and what part of Ireland will you be in?

    • When we were at the farm volunteering it was near Rathdrum in Co. Wicklow, which is also referred to as the “garden county.” When we go back to Ireland at the end of our trip we will be in Skerries, which is just north of Dublin. We saw the beaches only from the train on our way to Greenan Farm ( should take you to the site so you can see where we worked). We took some great pictures from the train and we will share them with you as soon as we can!

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