Posted by: goingfaraway | January 29, 2010

More details from Paris

Our poor feet…we have truly walked all over Paris! At first we traversed from Victor Hugo Avenue (place of lodgings for three days) and walked to the Louvre (but didn’t go in, we’re too cheap, and Mona Lisa is ugly anyway) and went to Le Museé D’Orsay which was AMAZING and totally worth the time. We saw every exhibit and loved it all (no smirking monas for us thank you!). If you ever find yourself in Paris and if you enjoy impressionism, this is a perfect place for you! Not only was the art lovely, but it was heated! The motivation behind many of our activities is the desire to find warmth. Most days have been chilly, but clear, except today it is raining, so we are enjoying the great indoors….maybe we will go to the cinema if we are feeling ambitious, if our feet will take us there after all the abuse, and if we aren’t feeling too cheap.

A noteworthy culinary experience: We ate escargot, and LIKED it!!!! Perhaps because they arrived at our table sizzling in pools of delicious butter sauce. Mmmmm…we never knew snails could taste so good.

A few observations about Paris:

Everyone has good style. This is obviously the fashion center of the world. We look like slobs, even when we dress our best. Katie blended in pretty well the day she wore all black, with a zesty scarf. Our blue jeans make us quite conspicuous.

Everyone is a model, or they look like they could be since they are so thin. Every time we see a tubby person we think to ourselves, “I wonder if they are American..” How pathetic is that?

Everyone picks up a baguette on their way home from work. Really, you can see them poking out of every Prada purse and man bag any time after 5pm. This is an aspect of the culture that we have embraced with open arms. Thankfully, this is the one French tradition that is not expensive.

When you ask a Parisian if they speak English (in French) and they reply, “oui,” they often will continue talking to you in French, as if you only asked for the heck of it, not because you don’t understand French. Makes directions interesting. That’s why we smile and nod…..a lot. That is also why we have walked so far…..all the circles and wandering adds up.

Speaking of circles…. we love round abouts. We decided the abundance of round abouts is how the French stay skinny, because when you come to an intersection and want to continue on the same street, instead of crossing just one street, you have to cross up to 5 or 6. Think spokes on a wagon wheel. Last night we felt extremely defiant, so we walked THROUGH THE MIDDLE of a round about. So there!

Other reasons why the French are skinny like sardines:

If they got fat they would not fit!

a) through the aisles in the grocery store

b) through the metro gates

c) in the elevators (we call elevator rides sisterly bonding time, because we have never been that close before)

We plundered a grocery store last night (aka we shopped), and the spoils were random but delicious (ranging from coconut yogurt to a can of lentils). The brie cheese was divine! Enough said. Shopping for yourself in a foreign county is a great way to experience the culture.

Conclusion – we may not be French, and we may not fit in, but we like it here (it’s yummy, hehe)!

Tata for now.



  1. I love escargot now there are four of us in the family that like them Grandma Perry being the other.
    Sounds like you adventures are unfolding in a perfect way.
    Keep the blogs coming.
    Oh, the X Games are this week and the snow is excellent. Shawn White is nailing it on his Board. Uncle Greg and I will probably do the armchair watching instead of traveling up to Buttermilk to watch it live.
    Love and Light,
    Aunt Tammy

  2. you have to visit a cemetery – charlotte has been to the famous one in paris, but i haven’t, and don’t remember the name of it. and Moroccan is the more modestly priced food of France. you can get amazing tajine with couscous, chicken, apricots, raisins, etc… i’m excited to follow your wanderings!

  3. Hi you two

    (typing with one hand baby happily asleep in the other (makes emails shorter:))

    Great to hear about your adventures, keep the blog updates coming!


    The Beanes

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