Posted by: goingfaraway | February 3, 2010

New friends!

Kirsty, Katie, Kara & Lana at Park Guell in Barcelona

Enjoying sunny Barcelona with Kirsty and Lana

Just minutes after arriving at the hostel we made some friends – Lana and Kristi. May our light shine brightly as we hang out with them today!



  1. Hi to the traveling Montie’s !
    Hope you’re having a good time.
    Don’t take any wooden nickles.

    Love you both Grandma and Grandpa

  2. Have you visited the cathedral at La Sagrada Familia? What do you think of Gaudi’s architecture?
    Take lots of pics! Love you muy mucho!!!

    • We went today and LOVED IT! Unfortunately, the entry fee was too much, so we didn´t go in, but the outside was amazing. Probably will be our favorite church this trip, or at least the most memorable. Don´t worry, we are taking tons of lots of pictures =)

  3. I’ll be praying for you, friends. Hey I wanted to let you know Kara, that I’m back home long story, I’ll tell you more when you come back. Love ya!

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