Posted by: goingfaraway | October 21, 2010

I was grumpy, and You comforted me.

Tuesday I was grumpy. No specific reason, just kind of blue and not feeling very happy. By the afternoon I realized that I was being selfish….and I was choosing to wallow in my blue feelings. Kind of pathetic, I know.

It happened to be my night to lead songs at “The Living Room” and the only one I could come up with is How Great is Our God. I think it was a subtle reminder from the Lord…..

Name above all names, worthy of all praise, My heart will sing, how great is our God. Then sings my soul, my Savior God to thee, how great thou art.”

God helped me take my eyes off myself and refocus on Him and on the people around me. Even in my pathetic-ness, God met me where I was, wrapped His loving, patient, caring arms around me, and comforted my heart. It was so good. I want my heart to always sing of how great God is.

Do you ever feel this way? Tell me your stories.



  1. Thanks for your encouragement. I just stumbled upon this post while cleaning out my email folders.

    I am feeling blue and low and letting the feelings rule. Oops. I know better. I appreciate you pointing out the selfish root of it.

    Ahhh, praise and thanksgiving feel so much better!

    May our Father continue to richly bless you!

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