Posted by: goingfaraway | December 3, 2010

This is the story of a girl

Once upon a time I moved to Ireland…

This is what my life looks like when you pack it into black bags.

And when I arrived, this is what I found:

Skerries Mills

Pure beauty

While I looked for a place to live, I was graciously hosted by an American family I met here last year. Since they’ve been in Ireland for 4 years, they had some great tips on how live here non-tourist style.

My hostess (and dear friend) Gwen, her son Gabe and a fine kettle of fish for the seals

And then, after two weeks of praying for a home, God provided a place near the center of Skerries, just minutes away from grocery stores, cafes, the train station, and right across the street from the high school.

10 The Park, Balbriggan Street, Skerries, Co. Dublin

My space

Thrilling closet

And then I started hanging out with the youth from Cornerstone – yay!

They make me feel so young

On Fridays we go to youth club at the Methodist church

It's the cutest little church I've ever seen

Then there was an Irish themed social night so I could learn about the culture, food, history and how to dance a reel (ha).

I feel more Irish already

Some good craic (pronounced "crack" which means a fun time...not to be confused with the other kind, which is not fun

Twin sisters, Jana and Chaz. We have a Bible study together every Friday.

A few youth from Cornerstone went to a conference in Northern Ireland called AutumnSoul. I got to tag along.

Kemi & Rebecca

Late night worship session

2 weeks ago the youth helped host an almost 24 hour prayer room at the Skerries Methodist church. The church was split into several little rooms – one to pray for the community, another for the world church, and one just for listening. It was a really meaningful event, and we hope to host another prayer room in the near future.

Creating tools for interactive prayer

Building a prayer time capsule to fill with prayers for the future

And then we gave thanks. And there is so much to be THANKFUL for! Cornerstone rented the cafe at Skerries Mills in order to have enough room for an 80-person party. My housemate, Laura was excited to experience her first Thanksgiving – and I was so happy to have her meet some of my nearest and dearest friends!

Laura's smiling because she's about to taste her first pumpkin pie

Glad Gobblers

2 turkeys, a ham, and all the necessary sides

And then last week I had a dream that it snowed and my classes were cancelled. This week it snowed and my classes were cancelled. How weird is that?

They told me it doesn't snow here. That's the view from my window.

Cold duckies

I love winter walks!

Snowy beach

And that’s the end (for now).

Lots of love to you from frosty Ireland!



  1. Hey Kara,

    Glad that you have found such a wonderful home away from home!! Our best blessings are with you always, keep us updated…we miss you!!

  2. I LOVE seeing pics of you and your surroundings and the people in your life, Kara. It looks exciting and amazing and good and wonderful. May God grow more precious to you as you trust Him in Ireland!

  3. Kara,
    So happy to hear all is going well, so well. Love to see your smiling face…like sunshine in the snow!!! Love, B & E

  4. I miss you sooo much!

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