Posted by: goingfaraway | March 10, 2011

Christmas, a new year, and turning 25

So much has happened since my last post. These are the highlights.

I spent Christmas with one of my college professors. It was probably one of the most relaxing days I’ve had since coming to Ireland. I wasn’t too devastated about not being with my family, but in the future, if I have the choice I will be with them. International phone calls just aren’t the same.

U2 wrote a song called “Sunday, Bloody Sunday” about the 1972 massacre in Derry – a historic walled city in Northern Ireland. My neighbors invited me to spend the new year in their town, so of course I jumped at the opportunity to visit a new place. Wounds from the shooting in Derry are still healing, and curbs painted either white, red & blue or green, orange & white – serve as constant reminders to this hurting city’s past and the division that still exists between the Irish Nationalists and those loyal to the Crown of England.

Derry is filled with murals like this one, remembering Bloody Sunday.

My 25th Birthday was a crummy rainy day, which I celebrated by taking a huge psychology exam. I passed, but ewe. My mom is the queen of birthday-ness, and I definitely missed the homecooked meal, decorations, and general festive mood that would usually accompany a birthday. In an effort to redeem my day, and with inspiration from an ad in the paper for “cheap flights to Europe” I decided to spend my bday gift money taking myself on a little adventure to Edinburgh. I loved it! I spent two days wandering up and down every narrow street and into quirky shops, hiking around the crags, and just sitting with a book. Traveling alone has its benefits, and I enjoyed the freedom….but by the second day I was ready for some company. Providentially, a pilot friend from Cornerstone had a stop over in Edinburgh, so he and one of his crew members met up with me in the city center for a traditional Scottish music session and some deep theological discussion – a great pairing. Togetherness is much better.

View of Edinburgh from Salisbury Crags

Edinburgh Castle

The youth took a weekend retreat with the Methodist youth group. It was a good but difficult weekend. It gave me a better picture of where the kids are spiritually. I pray for patience as we journey together toward Jesus.

Trust walk

Much more to come. Lots of love from Skerries!


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