Posted by: goingfaraway | April 15, 2011

Life to the Full

Being a follower of Christ doesn’t mean sitting in a hard pew once a week. That can be part of it. It isn’t reading a Proverb every day. But that can be part of it too. It’s not giving money to charity, but that might come along with it. It’s every minute. It’s eating, sleeping, hanging out, singing, and even surfing. That’s what the youth began to discover a few weeks ago.

Last month our weekend away was to the beautiful western coast of Ireland, where we had Spring Swell – a surf retreat with the theme Living life to the full (John 10:10). It was the best time I have spent with the kids so far. I really bonded with the girls – maybe because I let them stay up past bedtime eating chocolate and chatting about….well, you know, things girls chat about….but I think it was because God is softening my heart and teaching me how to love like he does. More than anything, I want these precious kids to see past religion and peer into the very heart of God, understanding that knowing Him through Christ is more fulfilling than any new cell phone, love interest, or good mark on an exam. Sometimes I just want to grab their shoulders, shake them and say “don’t you know how much Jesus love you?!!!!!!” But I must refrain.

Please continue to pray for the youth in and around Skerries. Please pray that God will bring more youth leaders. There is so much potential here for a massive youth ministry, but not enough hands to do the work.


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