Posted by: goingfaraway | June 19, 2011

my heart

If you want to understand a bit of my heart and philosophy for ministry, watch this:

The church is a movement, not a place we bring people. So get out there and be part of something that can truly change the world.

Peace and love,




  1. Wow Kara…I love it! now…HOW do we do this? My first response is to pray…He WILL lead!

    got to say “hi” to your Mom and Dad at Erin Kleist’s grad party—I wish i could have spoken with them more, but they were leaving and I had friends that were leaving…..I love the Father’s Day pix too! Your parents still look great! They love God, love each other and love their kids—no wonder they look so good!

    It won’t be long til you come home, right? Praying for all your needs to be met! He takes care of His ambassadors! Mrs Clinton does not worry about how she will get around….how much better than our God than the US gov’t in providing for His laborers!

    Take Care!
    Julie Brennan (your Mom’s friend, Linda Kleist’s, sister 🙂

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