Posted by: goingfaraway | July 19, 2011

living & loving in Ireland…for a few more days

Life as a follower of Jesus is an adventure. You never know where you’ll end up. I’m glad I was given the privilege of living in Skerries for the last 10 months. Living, loving and serving here has taught me so many life lessons and has broadened my perspective on the Kingdom. I’ll be collecting and organizing more of these thoughts and lightbulb moments in future posts.

I’m thankful that I’ve been able to stay on Irish soil for an extra 6 weeks. Some of my favorite moments have happened in this bonus time. Here’s a peek into how these last days have been filled.

Moving day for the McCorkells. I wouldn't let them leave without me, so they let me come up to Derry for a week to play with Elsie while they unpacked boxes.

Elsie likes moving. Elsie likes Boxes. Elsie's trying to drink out of an empty cocoa canister. I like Elsie.

Quality time with the Schusters - me and Warrior Evan


Shakespeare and a picnic at Ardgillan Castle with Laura and Stella

A visit from Sarah - Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland

Sarah's visit was a great excuse to go back to Derry and see the McCorkells again. It was so hard to leave them - especially the wee one! What a blessing they were to me this year. Can't imagine life without them.

Cows crossing in Northern Ireland

Doolin, County Clare

Sarah and I hiked from our hostel in Doolin to the CLIFFS OF INSANITY

Insanely beautiful Cliffs of Moher - truly stunning

Hitchhiking: another item checked off the bucket list

Life to the fullest: Summer Swell 2011, Lahinch, Co. Clare

We tried our best to be surfers.

Attack of the Weever Fish!

Swelling took nearly a week to go down.

Summer Swell girls - there were only 3 girl campers, so we had lots of quality time in our small group discussions...and sneaking out for midnight swims....and secret hot chocolate meetings. At the end of the week on the bus ride home, Moe (far left) decided she was ready to take the John 10:10 challenge!

Beach Blast kids camp - the girls in pink and purple are my neighbors!

I'm the craft lady for kids camp - I have a great gang of Royal Servant girls helping me out, too!

The youth organized a praise and worship night based around the theme of LOVE - it was a huge success and such a blessing to all who participated. Pray that these teens would have the courage to shine for Jesus in their community.

Valerie preachin' on LOVE. I was so proud of her! It's been exciting to see her discover the truth and power of God's Word for herself.

My Irish mommas! I love these ladies so much.

The people in these photos have stolen my heart and made a permanent imprint on my life. I’m trying not to think about next week. July 27th, can you stay away a little longer?

Love and a pint of Guinness from Skerries,



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