Posted by: goingfaraway | July 24, 2011

an ending

It’s finally the end of a very full week. I’m exhausted, but happy. The kids camp was so much fun. Although numbers were lower than expected, we were thrilled that 75% of the kids who came were new to us, and generally unchurched. Truth was taught to little hearts, and that’s what matters most! A great time was had by all – including the Royal Servants. Pray that we will know how to best follow up with the kids who came to the camp and their families.

"Come on, let's have a beach blast!"

Happy campers. Happy crafts.



On Friday night we hosted a block party for teens in Skerries. It was such a great night – plenty of food (key element in youth ministry), good conversations, and excellent weather. God truly blessed the evening. The Royal Servants performed some dances and dramas, a few shared their journeys with Jesus, and the Gospel was clearly presented. Please pray for the teens in this village, that they would realize there is so much more to live for than drinking cans of beer on the beach. Pray that God would bring more workers to this field!

A beautiful night and a great venue for a youth block party.

Say "cheeseburger"

The girls came dressed to the nines

Effective dance by the Royal Servants portraying the redemption story

A gorgeous sunset was the perfect ending to a fantastic evening.



  1. Thank you for sharing your adventures with us over the past 10 months, Kara. I’m sure God used you in the lives of those teens far more than you know. May you know His tender and very real teaching and counsel in the days ahead as you seek Him. God bless you, younger sister, as you begin another chapter in your life story!

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