Posted by: goingfaraway | August 3, 2011


Last Wednesday morning I stepped on a plane in Dublin. One change-over and 2 bad airplane meals later, I was in Detroit, setting foot on an entirely different continent. Amazing how much life changes in 12 hours. I was greeted by my family (minus Mom) and the sticky hot-ness that is Michigan Summer. On that day it was good to be back. Today, I’m not so sure. I enjoy being with my family again, especially my sister (she’s fabulous), but I’m realizing that most of my friends have grown up and scattered around the world, and my church families are in Chicago, Colorado and Ireland, so I kind of feel like a lonely orphan kid. Where do I live? Not in Michigan anymore. Maybe God has purposely instilled in me a sense of not belonging so it’s easier for me to pack up my things and go wherever He tells me to go.

You can see my home island of Grosse Ile just above the wing to the right


I intend to continue writing here on a regular basis. I figure that even though I’m not in Ireland, at any given time I’m still far away-far away from somebody I love (maybe today it’s you), so the blog title still applies. And because God is the same everywhere, I expect that He will continue to teach me more about Himself during this transition stage and as He leads me on to new places. Let’s continue on this journey together, learning from each other from wherever we are around the globe. 

Love to you from a little island in Michigan,




  1. You’re far away from me, and I love you!

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