Posted by: goingfaraway | August 3, 2011

just in case you were wondering

Inspiration for the name of this blog came from a song by Ingrid Michaelson, which I have included here for your listening pleasure. I confess that the meaning of the song is not deeply spiritual, nor profound, but the tune is catchy, and I enjoy going far away sometimes, and I wouldn’t mind marrying a lobsterman either, as long as he loves Jesus.

Peace, love, and a cone of frozen yogurt,




  1. Welcome Home!

    I had to laugh at your post “song”! I was just going to leave that song as a comment on my daughter’s blog!

    I know what you mean about life changing and not belonging…no, I don’t have the magic potion to make it all “fit” again! My kids are going through it too! John is in Buffalo most of the year, Elisabeth is married so “home” is different now, though this weekend she was “old-home” and was wistful aboot it(we live close to Canada, eh?) Now Katie is moving to Rochester, NY–looking to finish her degree and figure out what the Lord has for her too!

    The BEST place to be is in the center of His will! He leads us, gently…..I think we put the pressure on ourselves!

    Well, I have enjoyed your blog in Ireland and look forward to it ‘stateside’!

    Enjoy the rest of the summer on your Isle—and we are too in our 1000 Islands!

    Rest, He will guide you!
    julie brennan

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