Posted by: goingfaraway | October 9, 2011

more of always becoming

Today in a conversation with a friend, I was reminded of an article I had read several years ago about celibacy. It isn’t often that I read something other than the Bible that really truly changes the way I think or act. But this particular piece did. It was a gift from the Lord that helped me take tremendous strides in my journey of becoming me. If you have time, take a read. It may help you to better understand, love, and encourage women in your life who aren’t addressed as “Mrs.”

Peace to you on this lovely October evening.


Miss M.



  1. well, this is muse-worthy! I think I need to read it again to grab it. I can hear Elisabeth Elliot applauding in the background….:-) It is better to run into and embrace the course of a single life and live fulfilled, then grieve, mourn, be envious and unfulfilled in the process. He who has made all things, must have the ability to make a life fulfilled sans spouse!

    Thanks for posting the article!

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