Posted by: goingfaraway | November 1, 2011

You say goodbye, I say hello

The much anticipated move westward has finally happened. This is how the story goes:

Once upon a time, the older sister decided to kidnap the younger sister and move to Colorado. So their brother (whom they left behind) kindly threw them a going away bash. Hooray for family photos.

The bash went late into the night, but somehow the travelers woke up early on a Friday, threw the last few bags into the mode of transportation [thank you God for a car!] and hit the long road ahead.

Adventure is out there! Goodbye, house. Farewell, street. See ya later duck hunter. We can’t wait to hug you again at Christmas, grandma & grandpa!

The first stop on the road trip was to hug the Gparents in Wyandotte. After that, the travelers headed to Chicago. Traffic was diverted off I-94 due to an accident, but the happy result was a lovely view of Lake Michigan.

After battling Chicago traffic for literally hours, a stop was made for some baby therapy. Penelope was just off the expressway, and it was impossible to resist a quick visit. A few minutes of baby time, a taco for dinner, and the sisters were refreshed and ready for the long night ahead.

The highlight of Iowa was not the corn. Nor was it the biggest truck stop in the world. It was actually cousin Ali at University of Iowa. What a wonderful person! If there had been any room in the car, she would have been kidnapped.





And then the long long night began. 


Katie drank the Red Bull and promptly fell asleep. What a waste of $2.19.


Driving through the night is never fun. But after a few naps in parking lots along the way, the sun finally rose over Nebraska.

A reprieve from road trip food.

Nebraska is long. There are lots of cows. One of the first Pony Express Stations was a good leg-stretching stop. Otherwise it was hard to stay awake.

After hours and hours of driving, several ounces of coffee, too much sugar and not enough exercise, the road wearied sisters saw a glimmer of hope: Mountains! Only 2 more hours to the final destination.







A day and a half after leaving Michigan, the new residents of Carbondale were welcomed by beautiful Mt. Sopris [above] and as icing on the cake, a horse.

Thus the journey from Michigan to Colorado came to an end. The first of many adventures.





  1. Oh, the adventures! Can I come visit? : )

    • Um, of course! The real question is not CAN you come, rather, WHEN will you come?!

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