Posted by: goingfaraway | December 6, 2011

All is calm….all is bright

I have recently re-realized that I love to be busy. I love to be with people. I like hustle and bustle. I like it when I have to check my planner to see if I’m available. The problem with all of this is my tendency towards being busy often leads to the noise of day to day life deafening my ears to the Father’s whisper. If I’ve learned anything, it’s that He’s not actually whispering. It’s just that my life gets so crazy that He seems to be speaking softly compared to the blaring noise of my to-do list.

In the last two months I’ve been struggling again with my identity. Realizing that I am me because of God, not because of what I do. I am valuable because of God, not because of what I’ve accomplished. In this lull…being unemployed, creating a new business, building new friendships, pretty much starting new with everything….life has been quiet. In the quiet, I have heard God speaking to me loud and clear.

So, all is calm and all is bright because God slowed me down and told me to listen. He is the faithful truth giver. Life bringer. Sustainer of my heart. Understander of my emotions. Thank you, sweet Father, for teaching me that stillness is an opportunity to hear You and learn from You.





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