Posted by: goingfaraway | December 16, 2012

It’s a Colorado Christmas: Part 1

I’ve been looking forward to Christmas-ing in Carbondale with my local family and friends. It’s been a great November/December so far. I’m so grateful to the Father for His goodness as expressed in the beauty around me and the relationships that point me back to Him.


The Monday night Family Dinner crew did a little something for the greater good, and we packed up 40 shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child!

One sunny December day, we set off into the woods in search of the tree. It reminded me of the Berenstain Bear Christmas movie we watched as kids. Papa bear wanted the perfect tree, which happened to be home to numerous creatures who tried to kill him when he attempted to use their home as holiday decor. I’m sure in the process of choosing our green boughs, we destroyed some poor animal’s natural habitat. But, oh well. We have a gorgeous tree. And here’s how we got it:


Step one: borrow a saw with which to cut, and a sled with which to transport the tree once cut (or Lacey – whichever seems appropriate).


Step two: Find the perfect tree. It doesn’t matter if it won’t fit in your house – the size can be customized. Yes. We left half a tree in the forest. By the way, if a tree falls in the forest…..


Step Three: Realize the tree is way bigger than the sled, so persuade sisters to drag it through the woods.


Step Four: Arrange for transportation. My little SUV increases in hardcore-ness when a tree is strapped to the top.

O Christmas Tree

Step Five: Realize you don’t own a single tree ornament (in this state, anyway) and get creative. Flashback to 1st grade – string some popcorn, tape a few paper chains, go a little crazy with the tinsel, and……tada! It’s beautiful!


And what’s Christmas without a little caroling? No restaurant, bar or art gallery in Carbondale went without a song.


Sugar-high with the Shaffers & Fowlers. Butter and sugar on top of baked butter and sugar = love. (This is Caitlyn’s genius creation. She’s such a biblical baker.)

Listen to good music

Josh Garrels & Trace Bundy take Boulder. It was a beautiful thing.
[Josh Garrels gives his music away. Go get some.]


Girls weekend in Denver. White Christmas, good food and a night in a schmancy hotel.

Going up at the Four Seasons - where men are paid just to open doors.

Going up at the Four Seasons – where men are paid just to open doors.


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